A slice of moderation

Dec 18, 2019Alexia Potamitou

As Christmas is in a week’s time I want to remind you not to deprive yourself from the food you love but choose moderation!

1. Don’t beat up ourself over your last indulgence. Instead remind yourself why you want to eat healthy in the first place (having energy to play with your kids, feel confident in your cloths and body) – create a sense of pride not shame.

2. Pick and choose. There are eating moments that are really worth it and then eating moments that are Not so worth it! I wouldn’t choose canapés at the office over my mom’s delicious lachanodolmades augolemono (stuffed watercress) on Christmas Eve!

3. Limit your portions and keep moving (pretty self explanatory) I am going for the “6th SantaRoll Run” in the 26th of December, welcome to join us SantaRollRun on Facebook!

Happy Xmas everyone!!