Clostridium Difficile Review Article

Sep 14, 2016George Potamitis

Evangelou A. Chrysanthi, Panayi P. Chrstiana, Spyrou M. Stavria, Sourouppi L. Chrystalla, Potamitis S. George

Abstract: Clostridium difficile is definitely increasing in incidence, severity and mortality CD is the lbading cause of infection nosocomial diarrhea in developed countries as well as being responcible for outbreaks of infection diarrhea in hospitals all over the word. In many European countries diagnosis is probably suboptimal.
Recurrent disease is especially challenging Fecal micriobiota is suggesting as a safe, inexpensive and effective treatment.
Key words: CDI clostridium difficili infection, Management of CDI, FMT, Fecal Microbota Transplatation.

Corresponding author: Evagelou A. Chrysanthi

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