Aug 13, 2021Alexia Potamitou, General

For most of us women, cravings intensify during our time of the month. During menstruation, our hormone levels change, causing cravings for high-carb and sweet foods. But your hormones may not be the only thing driving these cravings.

Most likely, we all have experienced food cravings of some sort and it can feel extremely frustrating and overwhelming, especially when you are working to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For some, this may happen monthly, but it can also be brought upon by stress and other life factors too.

The journey to end cravings once and for all isn’t necessarily easy or even desirable in all cases. Many times cravings are a signal that your body is missing a key nutritional element. But recognizing the issues that are causing the craving will allow you to create space and increase your awareness; over time this will help you weaken the cravings and have more control.

Food cravings entail using particular foods to feel better emotionally or to shift your energy level when you feel restless, ill at ease, or imbalanced in some way. So the more peace you have in your life, the more peace you will have with your food cravings. Managing cravings from a place of peace and calm are much easier than from a place of stress, imbalance, or anxiety.

But sometimes, you may choose to give in to your cravings, and when you do, especially if you haven’t eaten the particular food in a while, it can cause some stomach distress. You may feel gassy, bloated, or even unsatisfied after eating the food. One of the best things you can do if you indulge in a food craving is to take your time and really notice how the food smells, tastes and how you feel after eating it. Whatever you do be present, notice and enjoy with no regrets!