Fecal transplantation

May 14, 2015George Potamitis

The first procedure in Cyprus of fecal transplantation in Cyprus for a patient with recurrent and severe Clostridium Difficile Infection was carried out  by the Endoscopy team of our Center on 12/05/2015

Fecal Transplantation
1st case in Cyprus Severe –Recurrent CDI
♂ Age 85
• Prolonged antibiotic treatment UTI
• Two admissions to L.G.H for persistent diarrhea
• CDI was diagnosed
• Abdominal distension – Toxic megacolon?
• General measures
• STOP VANCO-METRO for two days

Fecal Transplantation

Donor: son

Stools diluted with normal saline

Fecal transplantation was performed by colonoscopy. The colonoscopy was advanced to the cecum. As the colonoscopy was withdrawn the donor stools were delivered through the colonoscopy into the colon.