It’s officially Spring. Don’t let the weather fool you!

Apr 2, 2019Alexia Potamitou


It’s time to get your butt outside and go for a walk. Go to a festival. Plant some flowers!! Take a hike. Go for a jog!  Pack a picnic. In other words, get off the couch and stop sleeping in so late – it’s no longer winter!

You’re gonna need a few energy-boosting tips to keep up with all this activity, though. Let’s be real

So, I thought I’d put my fav energy-boosting tips together for you guys!

1. WATER WATER WATER. Guys, drink your water. Don’t think of how much and when, just drink and stay hydrated.

2. Start your day with an energizing smoothie or Protein Coffee (and add 1 Tbsp acacia fiber to your coffee too – I’m obsessed recently). Starting your day with something SUPER healthy and easy to digest like a smoothie or Protein Coffee will have you buzzing around like a crazy person (but like in a good way) until lunch.

3. Up your workouts to 4-5 days/week. Getting in regularly scheduled exercise is key. Put it in your calendar. Just do it. No matter what it takes. Even if it’s 20 min!

4. But also, stop over-exercising. If you are doing super hard, long, high-intensity workouts 5 days/week, you are going to be exhausted bc you’re putting too much stress on your body. Stick to short high-intensity workouts, and include a yoga class at least once a week. More isn’t always better.

5. Supplement ONLY IF YOU HAVE TO! Do try to have a balanced diet and a diet that suits you and your schedule. Add up on you vegetables, increase your fruits and don’t forget to smile.

Alexia xx