My 5 health tips to reduce stress and anxiety

Jan 30, 2019Alexia Potamitou

1. Maximize your sleep! 😉

Sleep affects your hormones and weight loss, your energy levels and motivation, your clarity around decision making, your perceived effort and of course you become more productive and efficient! 💪

2. Reduce coffee, alcohol & added sugars. 🍫

The powerful highs these create are often followed by subsequent crashes. They can make you feel irritable, shaky & tense which can fuel stress and anxiety and lead you to need more & more over time. Fuel your body with nutrients & whole foods regularly instead! 🍆🍏🍲🍍

3. Journal!

I do write a journal when I get the chance – so once or twice a week. 😊

I always write when I am feeling overwhelmed!📝 These are some of my favourite prompts: ״what’s something I’ve done well today″

″What am I proud of this week″, ″What do I need to forgive myself for″, ″what can I let go of right now in order to move forward″, ″what does my soul need right now″, “what did I learn from this experience″, ″what’s not working & how can I change it″.

4. Practice gratitude – I actually do this with my daughter when I pick her up from school. 👧 So on our way home we will say 3 things that we are grateful for. 🙏 They can be big things or small such as we are grateful to be able to afford this car and take us where we need to go! Practicing gratitude allows you to see that your problems are often not as bad as you originally thought! 💁

5. Meditate 🌿 This helps me find my center. Whenever stress and anxiety take over, 5 minutes of meditation helps me find my breath which calms my heart rate and helps me rationalize my thoughts better. Never underestimate the power of 5 minutes of deep breathing & stillness✨

Which of these tips did you find most helpful? Let me know!