Kale Quinoa Energy Salad

Jul 28, 2020Alexia Potamitou

I’m totally obsessed with kale salads. Like the name states, they make you feel killer and absolutely amazing! Kale is at the very top of my list of foods. I believe they are two of the top foods to have the most impact on health and beauty.

This new, delicious and simple-to-make Kale Quinoa Energy Salad has a lot of protein and a hint of spice. With just a few powerful ingredients, this is one of those salads that helps you to feel on the top of the world! Share it with your family and friends and they will be asking you to make it for them again and again.

Why kale and quinoa make you feel so good

Your body can look and feel more toned when you fuel it with the right ingredients. The right foods, which help to build muscle, actually can regenerate cells and help the body to radiate energy. Yes, exercise helps with this.

By adding foods like kale and quinoa into your system, you are providing your body with superior nutrition. These two powerhouses work like magic together. They keep your body strong and resilient, taking your beauty to the next level.

Plant-based sources of protein

Think of kale and quinoa like tools that you should always have available in your toolbox. As you likely know, your body needs protein to operate at its best. Kale and quinoa are some of the best tools to give your body the protein that it needs.

Kale is a superior source of free-form amino acids. These are singular molecules that are not attached by peptide bonds to other amino acids. They assimilate directly into the body and turn into protein.

And quinoa is the perfect source of complete plant protein. It contains all essential amino acids that the body requires as building blocks for muscle and strength. It also contains high levels of magnesium which helps the muscles relax.

Let me not forget, my Kale Quinoa Energy Salad also contains tahini! Tahini is an inexpensive protein source, but can also be difficult for some people to digest. That is because it is both a starch and a protein. So they may cause bloating, or abdominal discomfort for some but such an important element in the Mediterranean cuisine.

Neither kale nor quinoa is a dense source of protein, like you will find from animal sources. Rather, they are simple to digest and therefore an abundant source of quick energy. Which means that you will feel amazing benefits right away.

I hope I’m inspiring you to feel amazing and try out my new Kale Quinoa Energy Salad recipe. As always, don’t forget to Pin the image above to your Pinterest board, and tag me in all of your recipe creations on Instagram so that I can see the delicious meals that you are making! And remember, you are a creative light!


· 1 C cooked quinoa

· 1 red bell pepper, squares

· 1 red onion, squares

· 1 C kale, shredded

· 3/4 C sweet corn

· 1 C cherry tomatoes

· 1 handful fresh basil

· 1 handful fresh mint

Salad dressing

· 1/2 C tahini

· 1/2 C fresh lemon juice

· 1 tsp salt

· 2 Tbls vinegar

· 1/2 tsp cumin

· 1 tsp paprika

· 2 Tbls olive oil


Prepare the ingredients of the salad and then put all the ingredients of the dressing in a food processor! Put everything together and enjoy!