Cypriot Cuisine is at the heart of every Cypriot who loves cooking or eating! Halloumi is a unique ingredient that can transform any humble dish.

Unable to spend time in the kitchen these days … I have asked my mother and daughter to materialise my cooking thoughts and had no doubt that the two Theodores would make miracles in the kitchen. Thank you @myfamilysfooddiary for the initiative and @thecarolinski for making me part of it. Both creative and sweet souls. #FEBulousCypriotFood

In honour of my beloved Giagia Eleni who originated from Pretori Paphos, i asked them to try and make “Galena”(Bread with cheese and milk) -Something i love creating every easter. “Galena” is a soft type of bread with milk and locals from Paphos add a hard type of Paphian cheese. We decided to add halloumi instead and it came out to taste just like my grandmother’s.

It is not fattening but not a light bread either, so consume in moderation.

Number of portions


  • 500 gr unbleached all purpose flour (horiatiko)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 100 gr butter
  • 11 gr dry yeast pinch of sugar
  • 250 gr milk
  • 200 gr halloumi cheese (goat) cut into squares
  • Fresh or dry mint


1. Make sure the butter is extra soft (almost fluid) before adding to the flour and salt.

2. Boil the milk on low temperature and add the sugar and yeast.

3. Wait until the dough grows in size in order to add in the milk mixture and knead well.

4. Add in the halloumi an mint and create a big and fat ribbon.

5. Cut it into 5 cm pieces and place in a round baking pan, place a parchment paper first, starting from the middle.

6. Create any shape you want really, round looks nice.

7. Leave it to rest for an hour, place a towel on top.

8. Cook in a moderately preheated oven until golden brown. @Dorapotamitou- THANK YOU


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