Summerish Chicken salad *( with or without the chicken)

There’s the kind of chicken salad—without the chicken- I want to eat in a sandwich (heavily loaded ,please), and there’s the kind I want to lazily pick at over the course of an hours-long chic summer lunch. This recipe is my Platonic ideal of the latter. The tender poached chicken breast is a perfect contrast to the fresh crunch of blanched green beans and sweet corn (snap peas, radishes, or cucumbers would be right at home here too). The pot of boiling salted water does double-duty here: first, getting the green beans crisp-tender, then serving as a gentle bath for the chicken breast. The creamy, green, herb-packed goddess dressing and generous shower of pistachios on top keep things feeling healthyish and delicious!

Number of portions



•1 C green beans, trimmed, halved crosswise

•1 C sweet corn kernels

•2 chicken breasts, POACHED *( cook chicken in a pot of boiling salted water until tender)

•½ avocado, sliced

•½ C celery sticks, sliced


•½ C olive oil

•2 Tbls yogurt *( vegan or not)

•2 tsp lemon zest

•2 Tbls lemon juice

•1 Tbls vinegar

•1 C mixed herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley)

To garnish

2 Tbls pistacios



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